Comments from Found Volumes users

For 30 years, we made this tool available to the Christian Science community. In that time, we’ve received notes of gratitude from all over the world. We would like to thank our Found Volumes users for their support and encouragement. ----Peter & Laurie Tosto

“I really love your program.  It was so easy to install.”

S.S., Stamford, CT

“It was so great to see people excited about looking at the Bound Volumes,
which typically get quite dusty.  We thank you very much for offering this quality product.”


“What you are doing is very useful and helpful---for instance, yesterday, to help me with the Lesson, I clicked “grace” only.  I had no other title or authors’ names--and sure enough, a long list of articles appeared on the screen.  The program is really well organized, and your contribution to our study and research very valuable.”


“I have been asked to give a little talk at next month’s church business meeting about recent items that are available, and Found Volumes would certainly be the star attraction!  Thank you so much for providing it, and keeping it so up-to-date.  We at 8th Church are eagerly looking forward to using this fine research tool to help us more fully represent the institution Mrs. Eddy
describes in her Glossary definition of Church.”

J.G., Portland, OR

“Thanks again for your wonderful FV program.  I use it all the time.  I just sent someone eight pages of articles on a certain subject and they were so grateful.”

R.M., West Southport, ME

“Many thanks for the Found Volumes update that arrived in this week’s mail.  I’m grateful to have it, as I use it on a daily basis.  Please know that all your hard work is greatly appreciated!

S.F., Newport Beach, CA

“My wife and I have been having a wonderful ‘season of renewal’ with some help from Found Volumes.”

D.O., Bradenton, FL

“I approached installing Found Volumes with some trepidation, but it was a snap!”


“Thank you both for this dedicated work to benefit our study and research.”

H.H., Ontario, Canada

“We are loving the Found Volumes program since we purchased it this past year.  It is so easy to use!”

N.L., Corvallis, OR

“Thank you for developing this invaluable tool.  I am so grateful to have it.”

D.B., Oklahoma City, OK

“On behalf of our church reading room, I wanted to write and thank you for sending our annual copy of Found Volumes!  It is a most invaluable research and study provision for us!  Everyone who comes to our reading room and needs to find one or more articles, greatly benefits from this fantastic idea and unfoldment!!  As for myself, I have extensively used the Found Volumes since they have been available over the years and found the answers to solve whatever I’ve needed as well as many healings! Thank you so very much for your wonderful gift to the treasures in our bound volumes!”

N.C., Dallas, TX

“Found Volumes is a great tool. I use it every day!”

“Many thanks for the hours upon hours that your family has put into this project.  What a blessing to have made this available to all of us--to everyone!!  From time to time I have attempted to make a card catalog of favorite articles and know there just isn’t time to do it all properly---so again thank you!  We have already used it several times to locate those we knew about but didn’t know where to find them, and in so doing have found many more treasures.  I know this was and is quite an undertaking, and bless you all for your persistence.”

D.H., Hartland, WI

“I find your service most helpful in my practice!”

A.V., Houston, TX

“Thank you so much for your service and work on this. 
It is a great gift to reading rooms and our public.”

J.D., Darien, CT

“Thank you for continuing with the Found Volumes updates.  We appreciate your work so much.  We have several inquiries on Found Volumes each week.  It is so helpful!  Just yesterday someone was asking me for a booklet on childbirth.  I said we didn’t have one, but I was sure that there were articles in the bound volumes.  We called it right up and found at least six without any trouble.”

L.S., Laguna Niguel, CA

“Thank you for your fine service. It is a blessing!”

G.M., Modesto, CA

“Thank you---a nice easy solution.”

R.V., Albany, NY

“Thanks for this wonderful service.”


“On Saturday the CD was installed in my computer, and on Sunday morning I had occasion to look up an article!  I was thrilled that I had the capacity to do that and didn’t have to wait to go to the reading room!”

C.S., San Diego, CA

“We are looking forward to being able to enhance our Reading Room with this great research tool!”

R.K., Woodstock, NY

“Thank you---such a good program!”

D.K.L., La Habra, CA

“What an invaluable, resource.”

Newark, DE

“Many thanks!!  I can’t tell you how much I love and appreciate Found Volumes!!”

“Thanks for making this tool available.  It’s a blessing to the church.”


“Really appreciate this service you provide.”

C.P., Camp Hill, PA

“We extend our greetings to you and gratitude for your
service to the Christian Science communities worldwide.”

D.C., Rocky River, OH

“Thank you so much for this most helpful product!

D.K., Visalia, CA

“Thank you so very much for our yearly treasured gift of updating the Found Volumes!!
Our Reading Room has a microfiche that works in coordination with finding
and printing articles that our visitors enjoy!!”

N.C., Dallas, TX

“Thanks for all your efforts in keeping Found Volumes up to date.  This is a very useful tool.”

N.H., Jackson, MI

“I know that our church members will love studying in the Reading Room once again when they find out what a wonderful study aid Found Volumes is.”

K.E., Christchurch, New Zealand

“Thanks for being willing to put the effort into this valuable reference source.”

B.V., Saratoga Springs, NY

“Thanks for your wonderful work!”

R.L., Irvine, CA

“Thank you for the Found Volumes disk.  I had just a little time to play with it and it seems very easy to use.  We are thrilled to be able to look up references.”

N.L., Corvallis, OR

“Thanks for all your good work!”

J.W., Jacksonville, FL

“This is a wonderful service that you provide.”

H.E., Littleton, CO

“Many thanks, Peter and Laurie, for continuing this good work!”

B.J., Bellaire, TX

“Thanks for this fabulous software.”


“Our Reading Room loves this!”


“I use it everyday!”

A.J., Richmond, CA

“This is a great service!”

P.S., San Marino, CA

“Thank you so much for sending the Found Volumes.  They are so helpful!”

C.S.,  San Francisco, CA

“Thank you for this wonderful service.”

S.C., Bloomington, IN

“It certainly is a wonderful program you provide for the Field.”

S.H., Salisbury, NC

“What you have devised is absolutely wonderful, filling a real need
and one which I have often used often on the mainland.”

G.H., Australia

“...really enjoy having the Found Volumes information at their fingertips.”

H.G., Las Cruces, NM

“I have really benefitted from Found Volumes over many
years especially in preparing for my Associations.”

H.H., London, England

“We do appreciate this most useful tool that you are offering.”

R.K., Australia

“I use the Found Volumes almost everyday.  I’m so grateful that you prepare them.”

M.S., Nairobi, Kenya

“What a wonderful tool.”

B.H., St. Cloud, FL

“Found Volumes arrived in today’s mail.  I have installed
it and checked it out.  What a wonderful help!!!”

E.G., Lawrence, KS

“We are very grateful for Found Volumes.  This past year we were finally able to complete our set of bound volumes and we love having Found Volumes to delve into our additional issues.”

K.P., Wauconda, IL

“The fine service you are providing in furthering the
cause of Christian Science is very much appreciated.”

A.S., Wilkinsburg, PA

Note: Found Volumes is no longer being updated beyond 2016 content